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The wind is blowing and storms are occurring on a regular basis, causing widespread damage to properties each and every day. Not all damage is large scale and can be difficult to see from the ground, especially if it is located on the roof. You may be wondering if your property has any damage and if so, whether your homeowner's insurance will fully cover you for the necessary repairs. Dealing with your insurance company can be a very daunting task. Well-versed in the building codes and what justifies proper indemnification, ProTouch Restoration is dedicated to making sure your home or commercial property meets all building or roofing requirements for your area. We use only the highest quality materials available and employ highly-skilled craftsmen to work with our clients.

When considering an update to your property or not sure if you have damage from a recent storm, call right away to schedule an appointment with a restoration specialist. At ProTouch Restoration, we will provide answers to all your questions, so you become an informed partner in your project. For a free, no obligation roofing inspection, click on the link below or call us today!

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