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ProTouch News

Dimensional vs 3-Tab

Which shingle should you choose? Architectural, also know as dimensional, and 3-Tab's are two different types of asphalt shingles used in residential and commercial roofing. They are by far the most commonly used due to their versatility, cost, and availability. As far as choosing one, professionals tend to lean towards the dimensional shingle for a few reasons; They are a heavier shingle, therefore less affected by the wind, and also much easier to install than the 3-Tab. They also will give...

How shingles get on the roof?

Conveyor belt method for roof topping shingles; Same amount of work for the roofers but adds a lot to the delivery guys. When you have to lift lots of bundles of shingles there's really not a fun option though. Most bundles weigh between 60 - 80 pounds and come in a package that's roughly 3'x16". Three of these bundles will cover approximately one square or a 10'x10' area on the roof. To put this in perspective, your average house is...