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AMP (Asset Mitigation Planning)
``We do all the work for you and nothing without you``

The ProTouch AMP program is custom tailored to each client to protect return on investment, minimize liability, and eliminate maintenance headaches. ProTouch will conduct thorough exterior building inspections and provide a FREE timestamped report with supporting photos and recommendations. Our proactive program will identify liability and discover actionable repairs or insurable damage. The program creates a documented baseline to protect your assets now and into the future. Furthermore, becoming an AMP member reduces the distractions of dealing with building damage, repairs, and exterior inspections. Ultimately, the AMP program is designed to save time and remove burdens from owners and property managers so they can focus on daily responsibilities.


Personalized report


Roofing ● Siding ● Gutters ● Trim ● Windows


Drywall ● Paint ● Trim ● Structural
Before a loss occurs....
1. Relationship

  • Understanding client needs
  • Identify any pain points
  • Develop a line of communication
2. Portfolio Analysis

  • Prioritize pain points
  • Develop profiles on buildings
  • Present an action plan to the client
3. Inspections

  • Visually inspect building(s)
  • Photo document all findings
  • Generate a written report (to include photos)
4. Action Plan

  • Sit down and develop a path
  • Target actionable items first
  • Maintain communication for future events
When a loss occurs....
1. When a loss occurs, your ProTouch Commercial Project Manager will:

  • Conduct a site damage assessment
  • Arrange for temporary repair measures to secure the property if required
  • Provide property owner/ authorized representative with a general damage assessment report
  • Develop an action plan based on findings
2. When it’s time to file a claim, your ProTouch Commercial Project Manager will:

  • Provide assistance while you file the claim if requested
  • Inform the insurance company that the property has been inspected by a qualified contractor
  • Obtain the claim number, adjuster contact info, and request the date of the adjuster’s scheduled inspection
3. When the insurance adjuster arrives, your ProTouch Commercial Project Manager will:

  • Meet your insurance adjuster on site at the scheduled time to document and manage the adjuster meeting
  • Represent the property owner/ authorized representative to ensure the project is restored to pre-loss condition or better
  • Work with the adjuster to help insure that there are no missing scopes of damage
  • Attend any engineer meetings and review all reports provided
4. When the claim has been settled, your ProTouch Commercial Project Manager will:

  • Review the insurance adjuster’s estimate and the loss summary for scope accuracy
  • Supplement for any missing or inaccurate scopes of work on your behalf using Xactimate estimating software
  • Schedule a project pre-planning meeting with the owner/ authorized representative to begin work